Art ~ Fine Art

Lucid Dreams
Marcelina Gron

13A Gallery, 13A Bridge Street, Musselburgh
6-10pm Friday 20th July

Marcelina Gron is a student of the 4th year of Fine Arts Academy in Wroclaw. She also studied in Brera, Academia di Belle Arte in Mediolan. Her works were qualifyied to the finals of art contests in Poland, Italy and Bulgaria.

The 13A Gallery’s mission is to give an unusual space to express for artist of the young generation.


An Exploration of the Colour Pink

Emer’s sculpture is created to set the stage for performances which explore the transfer of information in language, movement and sound. She seeks to question our interpretation of the world by breaking down, exploring and translating these means of communication.

Emer is represented by:
The Plasticine Factory, London



Paintings by Julie Fleming
ECA Degree Show, 2nd- 11th June
Works by Julie Fleming & Alexa Thomson, Whitespace Gallery, 5th-10th July

“I translate the colours and formations that can be seen in nature, both within and out with our planet to create my paintings. My aim is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing work of art that can be appreciated and interpreted by the viewer in their own way.”
 -Julie Fleming

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