Shops for Equipment and Printing


40-44 North Bridge (also accessible via Cockburn Street) (map)
101-103 Princes Street

Boots offer digital and film processing services. They tend to be the cheapest place to buy Ilford 35mm film at an offer of three rolls for the price of two. Their Princes Street branch is the better of the two for film processing.



122 Morningside Road (map)

Cameratiks sells new and used cameras and accessories. The shop also runs a camera repairs service and equipment hire. It has provided quality camera repairs since 1984. Merging under one roof with its retail counterpart Camerabase in 2001, it now provides a comprehensive range of services not only to the local Morningside community but to professional photographers, Schools, Colleges, Universities and many other public institutions throughout Scotland and the UK.

Cameratiks has a 24 hour developing and printing service (weekdays) , covering 35mm and 120 black & white, colour  negative and transparancy films. They can provide print enlargments, cine to DVD, video to DVD and digital files to hard copy


41-43 Shandwick Place (map)

Jacobs  sells a wide range of digital SLRs, digital cameras and accessories.



27 Shandwick
 Place (map)

Jesssops specialises in digital photography but also offers a film processing service.


13 Clerk Street (map)

Trumps offers digital printing and scanning. They also do film processing, including in store black and white film developing.

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